Drake’s 7 Dees specializes in creating beautiful, enriching outdoor spaces throughout the Pacific Northwest. Raspberries provide a beautiful, edible addition for our client’s garden space. If you are interested in growing delicious raspberries in your home or garden area, we encourage you to reach out to us!

In today’s post, you will find some great information to help you successfully grow raspberries here in the Pacific Northwest.

Choosing a Site for Growing Raspberries

Raspberries produce best in full sun, but can tolerate partial shade. Raspberries grow best on a raised bed 8-10 inches high and 18-36 inches wide. We suggest working Gypsum into the raised beds. This will help prevent root rot. The pH should be between 5.5 and 7.5. If your pH is below 5.5, add lime.

Planting Raspberries

Dig a shallow hole large enough to accommodate the roots. Prune off any damaged root parts. Spread the root mass and set the plant in the ground. Raspberries should be planted one inch deeper than the plant grew in the nursery. Cover the roots and press firmly on the soil to remove air pockets. Fertilizing should be done 4-6 weeks later. Space plants 2-3 feet apart in a row. It is wise to trellis all raspberries. A simple trellis system 6 feet tall of wire supports strung between posts is preferred. Our Portland garden center can get you set up with everything you need for growing raspberries no matter the space!

Pruning Raspberries

Pruning should be done in the early spring. Look for canes with no buds or new growth. These canes were the ones that produced fruit last year and should be pruned away. This will allow better air circulation and higher quality berries.

Harvesting Raspberries

Raspberries should be harvested every 3 to 6 days depending on weather and cultivation. When ripe, the berries come right off the vine. To extend the shelf life, pick berries when they are dry, and refrigerate as soon as possible.