Sprinkler System Winterization

Protect your sprinklers, fountains, ponds, and other water features from expensive freeze damage

Our Winterization and Spring Turn On program will leave you worry-free. Emergency irrigation repairs due to freeze damage are costly and inconvenient. Protecting your system can save you time and money. Prices for services are listed below and we offer a 10% discount if you sign up before October 15th.

Our 2020 Winterization package includes 2021 Spring Turn On and one backflow test.

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Our package includes:


Winterizations begin mid-October and include the following services:

  1. Turn water off at main valve
  2. Open drain valves
  3. Blow all water from the system with air

Our winterization service is guaranteed. We will provide any repairs due to freeze damage at no cost to you.

Spring Turn On

Spring turn on begins when freeze danger is no longer a threat and includes the following services:

  1. Turn water on at main valve
  2. Cut and clean around each lawn head and adjust all heads for optimal coverage
  3. We test the entire system to make sure each zone is working properly

We leave an inspection report if repairs are needed. Customers are responsible for cost of repairs and must call to schedule an appointment.

Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is done at time of Spring Turn On and includes the following services:

  1. Our certified backflow testers will test your device to make sure it is working properly
  2. Test results will be sent to your water purveyor
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