Sensible Modernist Garden

Hesla Project

The homeowner’s contacted Drake’s 7 Dees to start the landscape design process just as they were about to break ground on a complete remodel of the home itself, which was the perfect time to get us involved.  This way we worked together on the concept and style of the landscape as it related to the proposed new architectural features of the home.

We came up with some beautiful features in the landscape that reflected the modern sensibilities of the home’s redesign.  The home and landscape came together seamlessly, and our favorite part is how the plant palette accentuated the building façade. The homeowners tell us frequently how many compliments they get on their new landscape, and how happy they are to have worked with us.  For us, we are thankful for the opportunity to collaborate on such a beautiful project and to put our skills, talents, and expertise to good use for others.