PNW Poolside

Hanton Project

A critical part of pool design is not just the pool dimensions, but how the pool fits into the site specifically and its surroundings.  Elevation changes, location and layout of nearby structures, setbacks and overlay zones, the size and shape of the pool deck, necessary retaining, material choices… these all play an integral part in the design and planning process.  Another consideration would be whether to go with a traditional construction approach (shotcrete, gunite, sprayed concrete) or the increasingly popular prefabricated in-ground option.   

Taking all considerations into view, we set out to design the perfect backyard poolside setting.  Many of the trees and larger plantings we had planted during a phase 1 project we worked on with the clients 8 years prior, so the privacy elements were fully in place.  The clients were more than pleased with the results of both project phases and now enjoy their backyard oasis even more each summer.