Irrigation Upkeep for Lake Oswego, Oregon

Drake’s 7 Dees certified irrigation technicians are the best in the business with over 40 combined years of experience. To schedule a checkup or make some upgrades for your Lake Oswego sprinkler system, contact us today.

Lake Oswego Sprinkler System Maintenance Services

The sprinkler system technicians at Drake’s 7 Dees perform a variety of services for your Lake Oswego residential or commercial irrigation system.

Existing Irrigation System Fine-Tuning

If you’ve wondered if your current irrigation system is operating as efficiently as possible, it’s time to schedule a checkup. Over time even the best lawn and garden sprinkler systems will need a tune-up to operate at their best. Our team will examine the components of your system to ensure they are operating at their peak both individually and as a group. We may also recommend updating various components to meet your water-usage and landscaping goals.

Lake Oswego Sprinkler System WIFI Controller Upgrade

If your system relies on a box in the garage or on the side of the house to control water usage, and you would like the flexibility to manage your system from anywhere in the world, we can upgrade your old controller to a new WIFI controller which securely connects to the internet so you can control your irrigation system via your phone or computer.

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Annual Lake Oswego Sprinkler System Maintenance

As time-saving devices, automatic sprinkler systems are an amazing addition to any property. But they still need attention – particularly in the winter and the spring – to keep running properly. Emergency irrigation repairs due to freeze damage are costly and inconvenient. Protecting your system will save you time, money, and having to wonder if your sprinkler system is going to work come springtime.
Our Winterization and Spring Turn-On programs will leave you worry-free. Let Drake’s 7 Dees help you protect your investment. We offer a 10% discount if you sign up before October 15th! Contact us to learn more.

Lake Oswego Sprinkler System Design and Installation

If you are looking into a brand new irrigation system for your lawn and garden or need to replace a deteriorating old system, Drake’s 7 Dees can help.
Image for Lake Oswego Sprinkler System Maintenance
Image for Lake Oswego Sprinkler System Maintenance

Lake Oswego Sprinkler System Repair

Sometimes a sprinkler system has an issue which falls beyond the purview of scheduled maintenance. If you have an urgent need for repair of any of your sprinkler system components, give us a call today.

Lake Oswego Irrigation Backflow Testing and Installation

Backflow testing is required upon the installation of an irrigation system and annually thereafter, ideally in the spring when the system is turned on. Let our team take care of all the details of backflow testing and troubleshooting.
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Contact Us for Irrigation Services

PLEASE NOTE: we are currently booking three to four weeks out for all irrigation requests and repairs.

Our irrigation department is booked through January for NEW sprinkler system installations.

If you are interested adding multiple aspects to your landscape including an irrigation system, please see our Design and Build contact form. Our Landscape Design and Build department is currently offering irrigation installations as an element within a custom landscape design.

Lake Oswego Sprinkler System Maintenance Q&A

Does Drake’s 7 Dees provide other irrigation system services besides maintenance?
Do you work on any brand of sprinkler system?

The Lake Oswego sprinkler system maintenance experts at Drake’s 7 Dees are experienced with all brands of irrigation system equipment, including

  • Rainbird
  • Toro
  • Hunter
  • Weathermatic
  • and others
Why are freezing temperatures a concern for my irrigation system?
When water freezes, it expands. This means if a pipe is filled with water and that water freezes, it can put enough pressure on the pipe to break it. This problem will affect the pressure output of a sprinkler system and will likely create a large wet spot in the ground – not to mention needlessly increasing your water bill. To repair a broken irrigation pipe, it must be dug up and the affected section replaced. This can be a costly and disruptive process, which is why it’s essential to properly winterize your sprinkler system each season. Don’t wait until the cold weather is already here!
How often do I need sprinkler system maintenance?
To ensure that your irrigation system is operating at peak efficiency and is protected from freezing temperatures, we offer a twice-yearly service to winterize your system before the cold weather hits and turn it on and check it out again when things thaw out. We are also available to do one or the other of those services, as needed. Contact us for more details.

Drake’s 7 Dees Provides Sprinkler System Maintenance Services for Lake Oswego, Oregon

Please Note: An Additional Trip Charge Applies for Clients Outside our Irrigation Services Area

A lifelong Oregon resident, Drake has been passionate about plants since childhood, beginning with propagating and growing flowers at his grandfather’s nursery. He opened Drake’s 7 Dees in 1974, while earning degrees in Business and Horticulture from Oregon State University. He later expanded into the design/build side of the industry, allowing him to combine his passion for plants with his love of family by maximizing the quality of family time spent outdoors.

Drake is co-founder of the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association and is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager (LICM)—a designation that less than two percent of landscapers have attained. Additionally, Drake serves on the Board of Directors for the Portland Japanese Gardens, widely regarded as one of the seven best Japanese gardens outside of Japan.

Drake is married to former Oregon Speaker of the House, Lynn Snodgrass. Together, he and Lynn received the Farm Bureau President’s award in 1999 for their service and dedication to agriculture in the state of Oregon. Drake and Lynn have two wonderful daughters, two talented son-in-laws, and seven grandchildren. In his spare time, Drake enjoys camping, water and snow skiing, reading, and of course, gardening.