Introducing Portland's Only Outdoor Living Showroom

We’ve changed how people can imagine and plan their outdoor living spaces. We’ve created a whole new way to buy the plants, materials and furnishings you’ll want in your yard. We’ve developed a new way to engage designers and landscape consultants so you can get the help and planning you need to transform your yard. This spring, visit our Scholl’s Ferry showroom and store to discover just how different shopping for your outdoor environment can be.

What’s New? What’s Functional? What’s Possible?
Visit the Drake’s showroom gardens to find out.

We’ve transformed our 22,000 square foot garden center into a seasonal showroom that showcases the latest in garden design, and highlights the trends and classic influences that inform how American’s are using and enjoying their outdoor living spaces. Check back quarterly to see what new ideas and inspiration we have in store for you.  Or, check back more frequently to see what our expert buyers have in stock at the garden store!


The Modern Outdoor Room
See how form and function come together in the contemporary sustainable garden design. Explore eco-friendly choices that you can adopt in your own space.
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The Rustic Edible Room
You don’t need a farm-sized yard to enjoy growing organics for your family.  Nor do you need to sacrifice aesthetics in order to create your own backyard bounty.  Discover the secrets to creating beautiful, edible spaces.
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The Pacific Rim Garden
Experience the classic combinations of materials and the balance of wet and dry gardens that have been the hallmark of Asian-Influenced northwest design.  Learn how to bring these principles to your own back yard oasis.
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Custom Container Service

Well-designed planters make a statement and finish a space and they're a great way to grow herbs and vegetables when you don't have much space available. Drake’s offers a Custom Container Planting Service so you can enjoy beautiful container gardens year-round.

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Design Studio

Drake's designers can help you achieve a landscape that fits your personality and needs. Bring us your ideas and we'll work with you to draw a plan to fit your desires. Then we send you home with all the plants and materials to make the design come to life.

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Homeowner Help

We can give you the advice you need to help you successfully complete a project on your own! You could hire a Garden Coach, a Pond Coach, sign on for Private Gardening Services, or get advice on Container Planting, Lawn Repair, or Tree Planting.

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