Tualatin Driveway Design and Installation

Just because a driveway is a necessity doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Whether you choose a concrete or asphalt driveway, or a driveway made using stone or eco-friendly pavers, our Tualatin driveway design and installation professionals will make sure it adds to the overall image of your property. You may not want to park your car on your driveway so you can see it more completely!

Drake’s 7 Dees is passionate about Tualatin landscape design and installation. For our landscape designers, the form and function of your outdoor space is about more than appearance or making a financial investment – it’s about having a great time with the people in your life. With any driveway Drake’s 7 Dees creates, we artfully incorporate select landscape and hardscape elements to make sure it blends well with the rest of your property both now and well into the future. Contact us to get started today.

Selected Driveways Designed and Built by Drake’s 7 Dees

Image of a Tualatin driveway design and construction project by Drake's 7 Dees
Image of a Tualatin driveway design and construction project by Drake's 7 Dees
Image of a Tualatin driveway design and construction project by Drake's 7 Dees

Aesthetic Design and Integration of Driveways in Tualatin, Oregon

We do nothing with half an effort. When we create or replace a driveway as part of a complete landscape redesign or as a single feature, we make a concerted effort to ensure that your space flows together perfectly. We work within your space and budget to mold your property to be one of the places you, your friends, and your family most enjoy spending their time. If that’s the result you’re looking for, Drake’s 7 Dees Tualatin driveway design and installation team is for you.

Image of a Tualatin driveway design and construction project by Drake's 7 Dees
Image of a Tualatin driveway design and construction project by Drake's 7 Dees

Why Drake’s Tualatin Landscape Design and Build

Based in Portland, Drake’s 7 Dees is a full-service landscape design and build company for Tualatin, Oregon. We take your Tualatin driveway design and installation ideas from initial concept through final completion. This means you spend less time coordinating between designers, contractors, and sub-contractors, and more time enjoying the excellent results.

Your time is precious. Our landscape design & build model establishes a smoother, more enjoyable process and stronger client-contractor teamwork, delivering a superior end-product. Building a beautiful driveway optimizes your enjoyment, resale value, and entertainment potential. Whatever your reason, we’d be honored to serve you. Call or email us today.

Image of a Tualatin driveway design and construction project by Drake's 7 Dees
Example of Drake's 7 Dees electric gate installation for driveways

Electric Gates for Tualatin Driveways

One of the best parts of working with Drake’s 7 Dees is that we take care of it all. For added elegance and privacy, consider completing your new driveway with a beautiful electric gate. Electric gates can be designed and constructed to integrate with a new or existing fence and any driveway material selection. All automatic electric gates installed by Drake’s 7 Dees feature reliable operation and minimal maintenance. If you need help with anything, you know exactly who to talk to.

Get the FREE Drake’s 7 Dees 2021 Landscape Design Guide

Drake’s 7 Dees 2021 Design Guide is the product of over six decades of landscape design and construction in popular Portland neighborhoods and beyond. It’s a must-read for anyone thinking of redoing or upgrading their landscape. Get the download and be ready to get inspired! Then contact Drake’s 7 Dees to find out how we can transform your landscape.

Drake's 7 Dees Design Guide 2021 Cover

Drake’s 7 Dees Tualatin Driveway Design and Build Process

You may be thinking “I like what I see, but I want to know more about how Drake’s 7 Dees helps me get there.” Continue reading to learn more about how our Tualatin landscape design and build process works from start to finish.


Site Analysis Meeting

A Design Associate from Drake’s 7 Dees will meet with you at your home to discuss your landscape goals. Based upon the extent of your landscape desires, the Design Associate will present a ‘Design Proposal’ that represents the number of ‘design hours’ required to produce a set of detailed Landscape Plans specific to your property.


Conceptual Landscape Plan & Preliminary Budget Review

During a ‘working meeting’ at Drake’s 7 Dees office (or phone conference) the Designer will present a Conceptual Landscape Plan based on your input from the Site Analysis meeting. An illustrated ‘plan view’ of your property will be presented which incorporates your stated landscape goals. You will be able to see in concrete ways what your landscape is going to look like when we’re done. Construction material selections will also be discussed and chosen at this time. A ‘Statement of Values’ will provide preliminary construction costs for the various elements of the Landscape Plan. As a working meeting, this will be the time for your input to help us craft a plan for your home’s landscaping that meets both your aesthetic and budget objectives.


Landscape Plan Presentation & Construction Proposal

A final Design Meeting will be scheduled with the Senior Designer to present the revised Landscape Plan and an itemized Construction Proposal for the installation of your new landscape. Modifications to the ‘scope of services’ presented in the Construction Proposal can be accomplished at this time. Your approval of the Landscape Plan and your Signature on the Construction Proposal will give Drake’s 7 Dees the ‘thumbs up’ to schedule the transformation of your landscape.


The Landscape Build

Our team of experienced landscape construction professionals brings your plan to life. We take great pride in making sure our work is completed quickly, expertly, and with minimal disruption for our clients. We want you to have a good experience before, during, and after your landscape renovation.

To get started with your Tualatin driveway design and construction, contact us today!

Drake’s 7 Dees Provides Outdoor Driveway Design and Installation Services for Tualatin, Oregon