Sheridan Sprinkler System Design and Installation

Irrigation Design and Construction for Sheridan, Oregon

Our Drake’s 7 Dees certified irrigation maintenance technicians are the best in the business with over 40 combined years of experience. If you are tired of doing the watering yourself – or perhaps you have an older irrigation system that needs replacing – now is a great time to get in touch with our Sheridan sprinkler system design and installation team. We can design and install a system that meets all your irrigation needs.
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The Sheridan Sprinkler System Design Process

Creating an efficient sprinkler system that lasts is a matter of careful planning. Many factors need to be considered such as:

  • Zones which contain plants with different watering needs
  • The geometry of your yard and garden
  • Sunlight conditions in your lawn and garden beds
  • Expectations for the appearance of your landscaping.

Our team of irrigation system designers will use their extensive experience to ensure that the investment you make in your sprinkler system will be well worth it.

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What to Expect from Your Sheridan Sprinkler System Installation with Drake’s 7 Dees

After we have arrived at a design plan for your sprinkler system, we work with you to arrange the installation details. Before we begin, you will know:

  • The design plan
  • The cost for implementing the design
  • The start and finish date
  • Any landscape or hardscape complications
  • Location of any existing utilities

While on-site, our courteous and efficient crews will keep the site as clean and organized as possible while ensuring you are up-to-date with what’s going on. We communicate proactively with all our customers before and during the installation process to set accurate expectations and then meet and even exceed them.

Sheridan Sprinkler System Design and Installation Q&A

Do you need a permit to install a sprinkler system?
Not for everything, but certainly for some aspects. Specifically, permits and testing will be required for the backflow device is a necessary component of any irrigation system. A backflow device is used to prevent tainted water from entering into the water lines for your home or locality.
How long does a sprinkler system last?
That depends upon the quality of components used. Low-quality components may last only a few years, while high-quality parts may last 20 to 30 years or more. We will only use high-quality components when we install a system, so you can be assured that your irrigation system will be in maintainable condition for a long time, especially when regularly serviced by our sprinkler system maintenance team.
Does a sprinkler system add value to your home?
When many people look for a house, they value when they see that it is low-maintenance. So beyond the actual value of the added components, even the fact that you have an automatic sprinkler system already installed is a step closer to selling your home at a higher price.

Beyond the financial benefit, however, sprinkler systems add a relational value to your home, as you will have no need to spend time worrying about watering your landscaping – all that is taken care of with an automatic irrigation system. When you leave the watering to a computer, you have more time to spend with your friends and family in your landscape.

How long does it take to install an irrigation system?
From breaking ground to being able to turn on the water, about a week. However, the testing required to ensure the effectiveness of the backflow device may require some additional time.
Does a sprinkler system save money on irrigation?
In most cases, absolutely. Rather than using a sprinkler (which we all know can be accidentally left on far too often) or a hose to water plants until they seem about right, an automatic irrigation system can be programmed to consistently and accurately water plants to exactly the right levels. This ensures that the right amount of water can be dialed in so that no more is used than necessary to keep your landscaping looking beautiful.

“Smart” controllers actually communicate with weather satellites and adjust the watering schedule as the current weather conditions dictate. This technology saves even more water. You’ll never see your sprinklers on during a rainstorm or even after one if enough moisture has fallen from the sky. We can add these “smart” controllers to existing sprinkler systems as an upgrade.

Drake’s 7 Dees Provides Sprinkler System Design and Installation Services for Sheridan, Oregon