Rosepark Stroll Garden

Dernedde Project


Referred by a close friend who had worked with the Drake’s design team a few years earlier, the homeowners had been introduced to our design process and had previously spent time in one of our garden’s.   So, they were more than excited to reimagine their long and narrow backyard space into the garden they’d always dreamed of having.  

Our team paid careful attention to the grade changes, dimensions of the yard, line-of-sight, and the difficult sun/shade patterns to craft a custom stroll garden featuring natural bluestone pavers cut to various square and rectangular dimensions.  Another detail that makes a big impact: tumbled bluestone risers at various lengths for steps that look comfortable and soft.  

A discerning eye will notice how the plantings on each side of the pathway require different light needs.   The house keeps one side close to full shade year-round, while the other side gets nearly full sun. Our designers used the pathway itself as the transition zone, and carefully selected plants suited for each side.