Buckhaven Pavilion


In retirement, many people move from a colder, wetter climate to a hotter, drier one. This couple, however, traded bustling, balmy San Diego for a secluded setting full of nature in the Buckhaven neighborhood of unincorporated Hillsboro.

Down a gravel road in the countryside, the home sits amongst beautiful, mature trees and has a stunning view of the mountains. Of course, maximizing the ability to spend time outdoors in their home’s spectacular surroundings was high on this couple’s wishlist. Integrated lighting, ceiling fans, and heaters ensure they can use the room at any time of the day or year, essentially adding another room to the home! Because the structure needed to be large enough to accommodate a grill, wood-fired pizza oven, fire pit, and a large dining table, special care was taken to design a shelter that was both beautiful and sturdy. Using knife plate construction allowed the design team to create a structurally sound 600 square foot pavilion using only four posts.


Steven Kurvers