Portland Irrigation Backflow Testing

Sprinkler System Backflow Testing for Portland, Oregon

Our Drake’s 7 Dees certified irrigation technicians are the best in the business with over 40 combined years of experience. They are licensed and certified in both Oregon and Washington for backflow assembly installation and testing (LCB #5259). We take care of it all – even sending your test results to the water purveyor on your behalf.

Backflow testing for irrigation systems is an annual requirement – schedule your Portland irrigation backflow testing today.

Image for Portland irrigation backflow testing
Image for Portland irrigation backflow testing

Portland Irrigation Backflow Installation

Backflow preventors are essential to maintaining the health of your drinking water. For this reason, the installation of a backflow device is specifically regulated. To ensure that your backflow preventor is properly installed, let the Portland sprinkler system maintenance team at Drake’s 7 Dees handle the details.

Portland Sprinkler Backflow Testing

Regular backflow testing ensures that your backflow preventor is operating as it should. Trust the trained and experienced pros at Drake’s 7 Dees to take care of your water quality. We manage everything so you don’t worry about it – down to filing the paperwork for you. Portland irrigation backflow testing is typically performed in the spring before your sprinkler system is turned on – make your appointment today.

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Portland Irrigation Backflow Testing Q&A

Irrigation system backflow prevention devices are used to protect the water supply from contamination or pollution such as fertilizers and pesticides, and are required by law to be tested annually.
What is backflow, and how does it occur?
Backflow is where water flows in the reverse direction from its intended path of travel. Normally water is supposed to go from the main and into the service line for a property. In situations where the water pressure becomes reversed, water flow can go the other way.
How does backflow pose a risk to public health?
In the case of water backflowing from an irrigation system, it may be contaminated with chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Without a proper backflow prevention device, these chemicals can enter into the household drinking water supply or even the main water supply.
How does a backflow preventer work?

A backflow preventer acts as a one-way-valve which allows water to flow into your irrigation system, and prevents it from flowing back the other way.

Watch the following clip to learn how a common backflow preventer works

How often is irrigation backflow testing required?
Testing of an irrigation backflow device is legally required once a year. The best time to perform the test is before the irrigation system is turned on in the spring to ensure that your sprinkler system will pose no danger to you or anyone else during the time it is in-use. Backflow devices are subject to wear-and-tear, and can be damaged by freezing temperatures. When our Portland sprinkler system maintenance team is out to turn on your system for the year, we will recommend testing your backflow valve to ensure everything is in working order.
How much does it cost to install a backflow preventer?
Costs will vary on the kind of valve you need for your system. Contact our team for an estimate.
Will a backflow preventer affect my water pressure?
Installing a backflow preventer may affect your water pressure particularly if not properly installed. For expert backflow prevention valve installation, contact Drake’s 7 Dees.

Drake’s 7 Dees Provides Sprinkler Backflow Testing for Portland, Oregon

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