Low-Maintenance Landscape Design for Oregon Native Plants


In our Design Studio, we get a lot of requests for a low-maintenance landscapes using Oregon native plants. While spending time in the garden is important to some, others have different responsibilities that keep them from doing that, or just have a general lack of interest/ability to really nurture their outdoor space.  No judgement here, sometimes it’s just not your thing. Low-maintenance landscapes have become higher in demand as our lives and hobbies change, and Oregon native plants offer a solution in the best way.


While spending a little time weeding and watering new plants is a reality, there are plant palettes that can take a bit of that work off your plate. Having Drake’s 7 Dees design a native landscape can be the remedy for a landscape that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.



This is the Pacific Coast Iris and is ridiculously gorgeous and also native to Oregon!



The Benefits of a Native Landscape


Natives have a lot to offer and sometimes get a bad wrap for being messy or for not being flashy enough. While this can be true for some of them, there are quite a few Oregon native perennials, trees, shrubs, and ground covers that have the ability to really knock your socks off.


Don’t get us wrong, there are non-native plants that are hardy and will thrive without a lot of tending to, but the benefits of using a plant native to this region can definitely persuade some to move more in that direction.


You can in fact have a beautiful landscape that also:


  • Supports wildlife – think of the birds!
  • Controls pests – native plants have developed their own defenses against many pests and diseases (no pesticides needed)
  • Saves time and money by needing little watering or maintenance, when they’re planted in the proper conditions



Just a few examples…


Here are just a few of the Oregon native plants that can add some definite beauty without any duty (see what we did there) to your landscape.



Cornus nuttallii (Pacific Dogwood)




Sedum oreganum (Oregon Stonecrop)



Ribes aureum var. aureum (Golden Currant)


And soooooo many more! These are just a few of the show stoppers that provide a low-maintenance solution while still giving a landscape curb appeal.



Drake’s can design it for you!


This website provides a vast native plant list to really delve into and find some incredible plants you’ll love.


If a native, low-maintenance landscape is on your mind, just contact us and we can design and install your dream landscape that doesn’t take all your free time to keep looking stunning!


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