North Plains One Time and Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Service

Private Gardener for North Plains, Oregon

Whether you need monthly or quarterly scheduled visits or a one-time intensive service, Drake’s 7 Dees North Plains landscape maintenance team can create a custom plant health care and pruning plan that’s right for you. You don’t need to settle for your landscaping being in an unkempt state. Our crews will quickly and carefully get your residential or commercial landscaping looking as good as if it were new.
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The Benefits of Drake’s 7 Dees Private Gardener North Plains One-Time and Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Service

When it comes to your yard, a little help from a master can protect your investment and pay dividends for years to come. Drake’s Private Gardener service has been caring for our clients’ plants, trees, and gardens for more than 40 years. Our expert pruning skills, vast plant knowledge, and fantastic work ethic have made our services invaluable to our clients. Give us a chance to show what our North Plains one time and seasonal landscape maintenance service can do for your home or business.

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful landscape is essential to boosting pride of ownership as well as property value. But more than that, our North Plains landscape maintenance service is all about saving you time so you can spend it with the people you care about.

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Artisan One Time and Seasonal Landscape Maintenance Services for North Plains

During our Private Gardener visit(s), we’ll ensure that your plants and trees are expertly pruned and kept healthy and attractive. This means you can spend less time maintaining your yard and more time enjoying it. We’ll even contact you when it’s time to schedule your next service!

Our customers often have us perform the following for their North Plains landscape:

  • Artisan pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Artisan pruning for topiaries and espaliers
  • Seasonal landscape clean-up
  • Storm damage clean-up and restoration
  • Cleaning, reshaping, and detailing beds
  • Localized organic fertilizing and weed control
  • Lawn health care and revitalization
  • Lighting and irrigation checkup
  • Monitoring trees and shrubs for insect or disease infestations

The Drake’s 7 Dees Private Gardener Difference

Potential customers should know that we are not a typical weekly mow-and-go North Plains lawn care service – in fact, mowing is not a part of our service. Our Private Gardener service is about quality over quantity. We are specialty landscape maintenance professionals. While we are not available for weekly landscape maintenance, we are happy to help with:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Seasonal
  • One Time

landscape maintenance needs. When it comes down to it, we find that’s exactly what many of our North Plains clients really need. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, let us know!

North Plains Private Gardener Q&A

How frequently should I expect the Private Gardener service to come to do their work?
Our North Plains landscape maintenance service comes out as often as you need, from a one-time engagement to regularly scheduled cleanup. As a rule, however, we do not contract for weekly lawn care services.
What exactly does the Private Gardener service do?

The Private Gardener service from Drake’s 7 Dees is a North Plains one time and seasonal landscape maintenance service. Below are some of the common situations we are called in to help with:

  • Storm cleanup
  • Monthly maintenance
  • Landscape preparation for all seasons
  • Lawn care in preparation for an event (i.e. wedding or garden party)

Far beyond being a simple labor force, our team of technically-skilled North Plains landscape maintenance professionals carefully trims trees up to 15 feet in height and shrubs, revitalizes grass, sculpts flower beds, checks up on your landscape lighting, and more. One thing to note: we are not a lawn mowing service.

What sorts of chemicals do you use in your landscape maintenance work?
We always choose to use sustainable practices, including organic-based fertilizers and soil emendations. If you have any questions about our exact methods, please feel free to ask.

Drake’s 7 Dees Provides Landscape Maintenance Services for North Plains, Oregon