Midsummer magic at Drake’s

Summer is almost here (even though it feels as if it’s been here for weeks), and we’re moving from annuals and veggies to more tropical fare with fab foliage and hot colors to match the rising temperatures. And, we got lots of great pots and garden decor to help you make your favorite retreat spectacular!

Purple pots #Drake's

Pottery in fun shapes and summery colors….

Leaves on fire! A jasmine that would look great on a trellis, as a ground cover, or trailing over the edge of a pot - take your pick!

… and plenty of fabulous foliage to fill them with! Here is a variegated Jasmine, that would work great on a trellis, as a ground cover, or trailing out of a pot. Your choice…


The most amazing Harlequin two-tone leaves on Canna ‘Cleopatra’. Definitely a plant for those of discerning tastes!

Calycanthus flower


The flowers of the Calycanthus are this rich reddish brown – how cool is that?

Statuary #Drakes
IMG_1048Decorative plaques made by a local artist.

Statuary #Drakes

A bottle chandelier, gargoyles, and wall-hung pots for gardening vertically.


Who needs a dog when you can have a griffin guarding your front door?


Ceramic leaves to float your boat…


Soft, ferny goodness in the form of Amsonia (Arkansas blue star) and Mahonia ‘Soft caress’. Do you have the balls to put them in your garden?

One of our favorite Daphnes – ‘Briggs Moonlight’. It’s essentially ‘Carol Mackie’ with the variegation backwards. So cool…


Colorful frogs and lizards from Mexico. Yes – we have Mexican pots as well, but they were flying out of here, even before we had time to get them off the pallet . Come get yours before they are all gone.



Cool, green pots – with edges perfect for spilling flowering vines over.

Pink Mandevilla

Like these Mandevillas….

Clematis 'Roguchii'


…or lovely Clematis ‘Rouchii’.

Rose 'Ebb Tide'


A garden is not complete without fragrance. The hefty perfume of this Ebb Tide rose is magnificent!

Trachylospermum jasminoides #Drakes

The climbing Star jasmine does no worse than the rose in terms of fragrance – its scent is delightful! And, it’s evergreen. Perfect for screening!

If you're not into ceramics, try out these copper planters. Avid readers might get a kick out of our Book Bench.


Benedict gargoyle


Most of our gargoyles come with a story. That of poor Benedict is a sad one – he is still waiting for his scornful lover…

Carnivorous plants #Drakes


Kids of all ages get a kick out of our Carnivorous plants. You can see their prey if you peek down their sticky throats.

Yuccca 'Bright Edge' flowers

For hot, sunny areas, few plants are easier than Yuccas. And, their flowers are beautiful!

Astilboides tabularis

For shadier, moist spots, why not have some fun with these otherworldly plants – Astilboides tabularis. Great, big, green umbrellas make a fabulous statement!

Spanish lavender #Drakes

Lavender – a staple plant for Mediterranean climates.

Lettuce #Drakes

Did I mention that all edibles are 40% off? Let’s mov’em out of here!

Lastly, our long awaited coffee shop is ready to open. We’re just waiting for the Health Inspector to pay a visit and give the green light. Can’t wait… 🙂




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