Drake’s 7 Dees 2020 Design Guide

Whether you’re looking for a small patio or a full-scale backyard renovation, you’ll find inspiration in our FREE guide!

Drake’s 7 Dees 2020 Design Guide is the product of over six decades of landscape design and construction in popular Portland neighborhoods. It’s a must-read for anyone thinking of redoing or upgrading their landscape. Get the download and get ready to be inspired! Then contact Drake’s 7 Dees to find out how we can transform your Portland landscape.

The West Slope Collection
is a fresh and fun outdoor space that the whole family and neighborhood will enjoy.

The Laurelhurst Collection
is tailored for those who are ready to take their property to the next level and make an investment that will truly appreciate over time.

The Hawthorne Collection
invites you to explore the possibilities of sustainable living, self-sufficiency, and an overall reduction of your family’s impact on the environment.

The Pearl Collection
helps you imagine and realize the confluence of green, urban living and contemporary design.

The Sellwood Collection
stays true to the many architectural styles found in Portland, using select materials to create a garden that will never go out of style.

Drake’s 7 Dees 2020 Design Guide showcases a collection of unique projects. Inside, you’ll find plans, materials, and color palettes created specifically for Portland and Vancouver-area neighborhoods and mindsets.

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