Landscape Design-Build

Everything you need to transform your outdoor space, under one roof.

Drake’s 7 Dees is a full-service landscape design-build company. That means you spend less time coordinating between designers, contractors, and sub-contractors and more time enjoying the excellent results.

Your time is precious. This model establishes a smoother and more enjoyable process strong client-contractor teamwork, and delivers a superior end-product. It’s an approach that many people don’t imagine — unless, of course, they’ve worked with us in the past. Just as an artist does more than cover a canvas with paint, Drake’s 7 Dees approaches landscaping with artistic creativity and intentional design, and confident professionalism.

Your yard is an influential part of your home. Improving it optimizes your enjoyment, resale value, and entertainment. Whatever your reason, we’d be honored to serve you.  Call or email us today.