Fall is the Time for Trees

Plant Trees Now for Shade and Relaxation Later!

In Oregon, fall is prime time to plant those large shrubs and trees. Just as the heat and sun fade outside your house and inside your mind, it’s time to plan for the future. Trees and shrubs are the backbones of your landscape, and creating those shady areas to enjoy with a glass of lemonade in the heat of summer, hinge on having a well established plant palette.
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Why Trees?

In order to get that sweet, sweet shade garden in a few years, planting trees that provide shade and overhead canopy can really transform the micro-climate of your landscape. Those hot, sweltering, summer days are behind us for the year, but now is the time to prepare for the future of your landscape. Planting trees in your landscape and within a safe distance of your house, can greatly decrease the amount of heat you experience at home. Before you know it, you’ll be sipping lemonade in a hammock tied between two trees with lots of privacy and beauty around you!

So if you want to avoid this:

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Plant these:

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To create this (after a few years):

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Why Fall?

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Rain! Nature’s Watering Can

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All that rain this part of Oregon is known really comes in handy when new trees and shrubs are planted or transplanted. The rain generally takes care of the watering while plants are getting established. Since most, if not all of the plants have already entered their dormancy, their respiration rate and nutritional needs slow to a minimum, and the plant’s demand for water is less in cool and rainy fall weather.



It’s Time for the Roots to Shine

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Since growth comes to a halt in the upper branches in the fall, the plant can devote its energy to growing a stronger root system, which will ultimately support better foliage growth in spring! In addition, soil temperatures are still warm, which creates an excellent environment for the production of new root growth. When planting and transplanting plants, they can go into an initial shock that is mostly caused by the demand of the plant tops for water and the limited ability of the root system to supply it. In the fall, the plant has a better chance of quick recovery, especially if it has a chance to develop new roots before the next growing season. Planting your large shrubs and trees in the fall keeps them from toppling over!


 The Cooler Air is a Blessing

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Credit: Sammi Gowthorp Photography

Intense heat is a major enemy to newly planted saplings. Above ground in the fall, the cooler air is kinder to plant foliage, and it reduces the chances of an energy-zapping chain reaction throughout the rest of the plant. That summer heat can really do a number on plants not yet established even when we take great care of them!

So go forth and plant! Your future self with thank you when you’re able to sit under a nice shade tree, reading a book, protected from that harsh summer sun. Or give Drake’s 7 Dees a call, and we can design and build your landscape for you!

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