The Surprising Health Benefits Behind Gardens and Landscapes

April 22, 2019 9:35 pm

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It’s not exactly breaking news that leafy greens are good for you. But can that apply to more than your diet? What other health benefits could be hiding in your own backyard? It may surprise you to know that you don’t have to ingest plants to reap the benefits. Simply being in the presence of plants can improve your overall well-being. Incorporating plants into our daily lives has been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity; Aside from mental rehabilitation, greenery can improve our skin, breathing, and so on. All plants have beneficial health properties in some form, ahead are merely a handful of advantages plant life can have on your own:

Improved concentration:
Supported studies suggest that simply viewing natural greenery restore one’s attention span and ability to stay focused. As much as a 20% improvement has been recorded on memory tests. Walking through green spaces, whether that be your new personal garden or hiking in the forest, allows your mind to rest as you observe the detail around you.

Immune system boost:
Various essential oils are emitted by plants and trees as a way to protect against pathogens; These oils promote rejuvenation. Breathing in these oils boosts one’s immune system. Plants naturally filter the air by removing carbon dioxide, providing surrounding life with clean oxygen.

Combat stress and anxiety:
We’ve all heard about the negative impact that stress can have on your overall health but mitigating these damaging effects can be as easy as strolling through a park, forest, fruit orchard, or even your own backyard. Even listening to the sounds of nature can promote a feeling of serenity, so consider the ‘soundscape’ of your landscape design. The sounds of tall grasses and leafy trees rustling in the wind, or the bubbling and rushing of water features (whether natural stone or modern poured concrete) can turn your yard into a spa-like sanctuary of calming energy. Not only will you feel more upbeat, but more creative as well. So next time you’ve hit a mental barrier in your home office, consider moving your laptop outside for a change of scenery, and frame of mind!

Whether it’s passing by fallen leaves, hearing the creek trickle over stones, or watching koi in a pond, allow nature to lead you into the present moment and experience the health, presence, and well-being that nature has to offer.

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