Hot off the truck for mid-February!

February 13, 2015 12:00 am

It is true that our focus over here on the Scholls Ferry side hasn’t exactly been on plants lately, with everything going on. In January, we did our inventory, performed a major revamp of our store processes, designed three garden room vignettes that are now under construction, and took some well-earned time off. This week, we got our first two shipments of plants for the year, and we couldn’t be more excited! This place is starting to look good! Below are a few of our favorites:


The lovely warm blue of Chamaecyparis g. ‘Sulphurea’.

The squiggly branches and miniscule leaves of Sophora ‘Little baby’. Can’t get enough of this one – so very cute!


The ‘Charlotte’ Hellebore. It has the largest flowers I’ve ever seen on a Hellebore – the flower is as large as my palm!

The wonderful branches of the Ulmus parvifolia ‘Seiju’ look like a reptilian spine  to me. It’s a great little tree which only reaches about 7′ in 10 years. And – don’t let the name turn you off – it’s an Elm, but it is not susceptible to Dutch Elm Disease. 🙂


Oval, leathery, blue-green leaves and red buds of the Himalayan Huckleberry – Vaccinium Glauco-Album. Evergreen and with dark, edible berries.


Small but stunning – the white new growth of Cryptomeria japonica knaptonensis. This is a dwarf conifer that loves shade. Don’t give it a sunny spot – it will burn.


The red new buds of Ribes ‘King Edward VII’ will soon open up into dark, reddish pink flower clusters. The bees and hummingbirds go wild over this one… We have it in 5-gallon pots, so one of these will give you an instant WOW!


I have never been a big fan of Boxwood, but this one I like – a lot. The blue-green leaves with the yellow variegation of Buxus s. ‘Aureo-variegata’ looks fantastic in combination with the blue-green foliage of Chamaeacyparis ‘Wissel’s Saguaro’.  And, it seems completely devoid of that cat pee smell that surrounds so many other boxwoods. 🙂

Another variegated shrub - a lavender - 'Platinum Blonde'.

Another variegated small shrub – a lavender – ‘Platinum Blonde’.


Perhaps you are already familiar with the black zig-zaggy stems of Corokia cotoneaster? This is a cousin – Corokia virgata ‘Sunsplash’. It has gray stems that wiggle in a softer manner, and wonderful variegated leaves. It looks fantastic with large bold leaves like for example a Melianthus.


The citrusy fragrance of Daphne odora ‘Mae-jima’ is incredible! So delicious! It looks similar to the usual ‘Auromarginata’ but has a more pronounced variegation. It looks great when placed in front of the reddish-purple winter foliage of Chamaecyparis thyoides ‘Red Star’.


The fiery red of Chaenomeles japonica ‘Fuji’ is mesmerizing as the flowers open on the bare branches.  It will light up even the most dreary of days.


For instant joy, we also got a few pink and orange primroses.  I love how they look with the Sulphur cypress, the Astelia and the Sedum lineare ‘Variegatum’.


Last, but not least – if you are yearning for color, you can’t go wrong with Carex ‘Everillo’. It is in full bloom right now, and the little brown flowers are adorable. I have a really hard time picking favorites here. Do you have one?