Our Showroom progress!

February 11, 2015 12:00 am

Long roadIt’s been a long road getting to this point, but it’s finally happening! 🙂 As I write this, our parking lot is full of trucks, cement mixers and fork lifts. Excitement is in the air, and rightfully so. This morning a new concrete path was poured around our showroom floor, and is now awaiting an acid wash. We call it our Runway. Meanwhile, to the west of the Runway, three of our Garden Vignettes are under construction – one Asian Fusion, one Rustic-Edible, and one Contemporary. Tables are being built, and new plants are arriving. For now – until the concrete cures, and the yard is safe for customers, we’re setting up our new plant deliveries under the Patio cover for easier shopping.

Mario, Trevor and Apromiano marking out the path of our new Runway.

Here is Mario, Trevor and Apromiano marking out the location of the new Runway.

Scraping the gravel off before the pour...

Then began the process of removing a layer of gravel to make room for the form work.


As soon as the form work was in, it started to rain…

I’m sure you can all relate to why we’re ecstatic to get a hard surface to walk on and roll carts over.  🙂


Out of the rain, Ivan…

… and Raoul were building new tables for the new Landscape storage area, where we will be storing all the plants destined for the various projects.

Prepping for rebar

Yesterday, the re-bar was put in.


William being a goofball, and Steven in conversation with Juan. Raoul stands at the ready with the level.

Elias and Raoul with stone

Elias and Eusebio guiding the Taidoseki  – the tall vertical stone – into place.

Stone install

Here it is being lowered into its new home!


Elias and Eusebio installing the large flagstone pavers.

Cement truck

This morning – with the promise of a dry day – it was time to pour the concrete.

Concrete pour

Here is the crew from our subs, JC Construction, hard at work. Once the concrete begins to flow, it moves pretty quickly.

It looks pretty fun to be stomping around in the wet concrete!

It looks pretty fun to be stomping around in the wet concrete!

Dirty boots

Wouldn’t you agree?


The tool used for smoothing the concrete is called a bull float. We speculated that these guys probably could make beautiful frosted cakes. They certainly work wonders with concrete!

Patio display

Meanwhile, Gina and I unloaded two shipments of plants. For now, they are housed under cover on the Patio for easier shopping. We have all the people featured in this post to thank for the fact that this is all starting to come together – and more… More on the pretty things we got in, in my next post. 🙂


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