Ingenuity and creativity in the neighborhood!

December 8, 2014 12:00 am

This past weekend, a gentleman in the neighborhood walked in to the store and bought four or five of our tillandsias. He told me he had quite a collection, and that he had cast one of them in brass. REALLY? By now, my interest was very much peaked, and I asked him to send me a photo of his creative plant displays.  Having dabbled some in the lost-wax method myself, I was curious to see how it might have turned out. Well, as he’s in the hood, he kindly did far better than that – today he came back, and he brought his brass tillandsia and another one in for me to see. His mode of displaying them was so fun, I simply had to share!


Oiler from industrial engine

This is the one he cast in brass, displayed in an old oiler from an industrial engine. So cool!

Airplant cast in brass

Here you can see his actual handiwork a little better. It is only about 1.5 inches tall. I was amazed at how detailed it came out – he did a really good job!

Indy car piston with air plant


This one was my favorite! A part of a piston from a 1965 Indy car! What is your favorite way to display your Tillandsias?


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