Eight awesome, creative, affordable seasonal gifts from Drake’s

December 3, 2014 12:00 am

It’s cold to work at a nursery when King Winter visits. Good thing we can rest our eyes and thaw our frosted souls on the many pretty items adorning the greenhouse. If you’re lucky enough to stand in the right place (or the wrong place, depending on your perspective), you might even get a kiss from one of us…

Balls of mistletoe at Drake'sFor all those Holiday parties, we have plenty of nifty, affordable hostess gifts. Sure, we have Poinsettias too, but we have more unusual options too. You can’t go wrong with the adorability of Mistletoe To-Go.

Mistletoe To-Go at Drake's

Smooch-worthy, for sure! Aren’t they cute?

Mini-mistletoe - smoochworthy at Drake's

And, our popular decorated sugar pine cones are always a hit.

Decorated sugar pine cones at Drake's


Sedum wreaths…

Sedum wreath at #Drake's

… and these wonderful driftwood sedum planters. Most assuredly some of the most bang you’ll get for $40 – anywhere!

Driftwood sedum planter at #Drake's

We have other winter wreaths too. The more traditional round ones, with lichen-covered sticks, berries, and cones…

Winter wreath at #Drake's


… and, if you want to do it differently this year, square wreaths to appeal to the adventurous.

Square wreath at #Drake's

Pretty, planted little window boxes that could easily adorn a table top too. Many thanks to Adam for taking all the photos! 🙂

Planted metal window boxes at #Drake's







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