September 16, 2014 12:00 am
  1. The soil is already warm!!! If you plant now, your tree will have at least a couple of months to develop a good root system before winter sets in. The root growth won’t really slow down until the soil temperature goes below 55°F. (The same benefits apply to anything you choose to plant, of course – not just trees.)
  2. Except for perhaps during those last few dry weeks of our Pacific NorthWest summer, you won’t need to water again until late next spring. Just imagine how much you’ll save on water bills!
  3. Fall planted trees will be at a huge advantage compared to their freshly planted compadres come next spring. Hit the ground running with your spring garden!
  4. Not having to work so hard to keep it alive means less stress – both for you and the tree!
  5. After spending the entire season in nursery pots, the trees are dying to get out and in the ground. I imagine it feels like the equivalent of having to wear shoes a size or two too small. Grant them relief, and they will reward your kindness for years to come! 🙂
  6. If you choose a tree with great fall color, its fall glory will lift your spirits even on a gray day. And you won’t even have to wait until next year!
  7. You know those torrential rains we keep having? A tree will do more than its fair share to absorb the wetness. As it reaches mature size, it will do more than even an average sized rain garden would!
  8. Planting a tree before the rainy season will aid in storm water management, and help clean our rivers and watersheds.
  9. Planting a qualifying tree on your residential property will make you eligible for a “Treebate” that will be credited to your water/sewer bill. This is the City of Portland’s way of thanking you for keeping our city green. (Ask us for details about this program.)
  10. Just about all the trees are on sale! Nurseries don’t really want to care for unsold goods over winter, so they start slashing prices. This might just be the best deal of the year! Stop by and pick your favorite!