Change is good!

August 1, 2014 12:00 am

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August 1 is bringing some additional long-awaited change to Drake’s Design and Garden Center on Sholls Ferry Road. Some of the changes have already been noted by those who frequent our small but mighty establishment periodically. For one thing, for most of the past year, the former gift shop is now a Design Studio.  It now houses landscape architects who work closely with those of us who are managing the retail operation. That collaboration between our designers and our buying team has proven very successful in aligning trends with tradition, and functionality with wow factor.

For many years, the Landscape portion of Drake’s has been exclusively natural and organic. As of August 1, the retail portion of Drake’s is following the inspiration of our Landscape mother company. We all know that Mother is always right, and this particular change makes us all feel especially wonderful!


Over the past couple of weeks, we have gathered remnants of our past into one of the greenhouses for a Garage Sale. Items included in our Giant Catharsis are – among other things – furniture,  home decor, garden tools, garden decor, all our synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, umbrellas and garden torches, Christmas decorations from years past (yes, even a few Christmas trees!), and much, much more. Whatever is still in that greenhouse by August 4th will be donated to West Women’s & Children’s Center.

In addition, between August 1 – 10, all items outside of our Garage Sale will be offered at a 40% discount. This includes all plants. We’re excited to see them go to good homes, allowing us the space to continue our revamping of the nursery yard. So, stop in and take advantage of our molting, as we shed our old skin for our new, shiny one!