Bulbs: Dig, Drop, Done!

October 6, 2012 12:00 am
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A fellow garden center, Echter’s, in Denver described his bulb season as “dig, drop, done”. I would have to agree with that. Bulbs really are little work compared to the joy and benefit you receive from them. The biggest issue is timing….plant NOW. Daffodils and tulips come up in early spring. If you are one of those customers that arrive at the garden center in March asking for daffodil bulbs, we love laughing WITH you when you find out it was 4 months too late to plant them.

I dig one large hole, put 8 to 10 bulbs in it, fertilize, add bone meal, cover it up–and waaalaaa, a large showy cluster of flowers will brighten up my yard in February and March. Of course you can dig more than one hole and, depending on the size of the hole, you can get more than 8 bulbs in the hole. the point is to make it easy for you. Remember…Dig (the hole) Drop (the bulb) and Done!

Our selections are always best at the beginning of the planting season, so drive by the garden centers today to find the most varieties available. If you are a long time bulb planter, try something new this year. New varieties are such fun to add to your palette.