Hummingbird Haven

May 31, 2012 12:00 am

Hummingbird gardens must offer not only the nectar filled flowers but also must be a habitat that supports their lifestyle. These little birds need both sun and shade, shrubs and tree branches for perching, fresh water for not only drinking but for bathing too. Oh yes, and they will need materials for nest making such as spider webs, dryer lint, or bits of leaves.

These delicate birds spend lots of energy flying, so it comes as no surprise that they feed many times each hour (3-5 times). While our flowers are blooming, there is nectar for them to sip, but once you have offered them a flower food source, you can also place hummingbird feeders in prominent locations to feed them. Hummingbird feeders supplement the flower nectar, especially when flowers are few. Hang them from tree branches or a carefully placed shepherd hook, high enough to keep the hummingbird safe from the neighborhood cats.

Hummingbirds love tubular shaped flowers although that shape is not absolutely required. Fragrance is not important to them, but vivid colors of red, purple, pink, orange and yellow will attract them to your garden. We have a large selection of flowering annuals, perennials & woody plants that will attract hummingbirds into your garden. Just a few to checkout; Angel Trumpet, Fuschia (cape is great), Nasturiums, Camellias, Daphne, & Trumpet Vines.