Irrigation Systems Maintenance

From Installation, to Maintenance, to BackFlow Testing – Drake’s Does It All!

Our Drake’s 7 Dees technicians can take care of all your irrigation system needs to ensure your yard is properly watered and your systems are running smoothly. We can design and install new sprinkler systems, and maintain or update existing systems. Our technicians are state-certified in backflow testing, an annual requirement for lawn sprinkler systems to prevent cross contamination of our water systems. We have a variety of options to fit your irrigation needs.

Winterization Program

Emergency freeze-damage irrigation repair can cost more than $200. This damage can be prevented with our winterization services, and should be scheduled before the season’s first freeze. We use air compressors to completely blow out the water in your lines. If any freeze damage does occur, we will do the repairs for free.

In early Spring we test your system, trim around the sprinkler heads and make any adjustments for proper coverage. We leave your controller in the off position, and when it’s time to start regular watering you just need to turn it on.

We conduct our backflow testing in the spring once the systems are ready to be used. The backflow devices prevent cross contamination of water, so contaminants like fertilizers and other dangerous substances do not get into your drinking water. Our certified backflow testers will check your devices to make sure they are working properly. They will send in a report to the City Water Bureau for their records.

  • Repairs due to freeze damage are covered by our guarantee and will be completed at no charge!
  • We trim around each spray head within the lawn to prevent spray head disruption
  • Peace-of-mind that your system is ready for the cold,
    then adjusted for optimum coverage and fit for Spring.

Annual Cost for Service (Includes 1 backflow device testing):

1 – 4 zones/valves ………$220
5 – 8 zones/valves……….$275
9 – 12 zones/valves………$330
13+ zones/valves…………..$350 +$25 each additional zone
Each additional backflow device testing……..$40.00

Save 10% when you sign up by October 15th!

Upgrade Services

Summertime Check-Up (Choice Package)
We check your sprinkler system to ensure sprinklers are running properly and providing the right amount of coverage for your yard.  We will make adjustments as necessary.  When you include our Summertime Check-Up to your Winterization package, you will get preferred scheduling!

1 – 4 zones/valves ……….$ 50
5 – 8 zones/valves………..$ 75
9 -12 zones/valves……….$100
13+ zones/valves…………$150

15% discount on authorized repairs necessary at the time of Summertime Check-Up

Programming Audit & Rain Sensor Install (Select Package)

Installing rain sensors to your sprinkler system can save you 15-20% annually on your water.  We fine tune for each zone and the rain sensor eliminates watering on days with natural precipitation.

1 – 4 zones/valves ……….$125
5 – 8 zones/valves………..$150
9 -12 zones/valves……….$200
13+ zones/valves…………$250

Opt for entire controller upgrade to weather-based model for $500, water savings of 30-40% annually.
Rebates available to Portland Water Bureau and Tualatin Valley Water District residents.

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