Drake’s 7 Dees has been landscaping Portland yards for over five decades.

Drake's 7 Dees is unique among Portland landscape design companies, not only for what we do, but for how we do it. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen, create, and deliver exceptional value. And it’s our attention to the little things that make the biggest difference.

Landscape Design

At Drake’s 7 Dees, we design and build custom gardens and outdoor living spaces to offer enriching, comfortable environments that will grow with you for a lifetime. Let us help with your landscape design project, so you can harvest many happy memories.

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Landscape Construction

Landscapes that are both stunning to view and a pleasure to spend time in do not happen by chance– they are crafted through experience, thoughtful planning and creative construction.

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Landscape Portfolio

Whether you’re looking to completely transform your yard, improve the functionality of an outdoor space, or add a beautiful landscape feature, Drake’s 7 Dees has the experience and expertise to make your dream a reality.

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Working with nature – always

Recently many landscape companies have started touting environmental credits. But at Drake’s 7 Dees, sustainability has always been part of our DNA. We work with nature. We build up soils organically and create naturally sustaining landscapes tailored to the unique ecosystems of your yard. We favor native, drought resistant plant materials, and we featured organic amendments, compost teas and natural pesticides. Is this very cultural sustainability that is the reason Drake’s 7 Dees was selected to design and build the healing gardens at Adventist Medical Center and the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Honesty & Professionalism

We began our business in a time when your word was your bond. And we’ve kept that ethic. In everything, Drake’s 7 Dees is here to serve our customers. We endeavor to set expectations with clear and timely communication. We stand behind our work and will not take short-cuts or use shady tactics. We follow a clear and well-outlined methodology for all our services, so clients are never left to wonder how, why or when. In short, Drake’s 7 Dees believes that the measure of our success comes from both a job well done and our story well told.

No Project is Too Small

While we specialize in Design-Build landscaping, we realize that not everyone needs or wants that level of integrated landscaping work. Many homeowners like to do outdoor projects themselves, or simply need help with one or two projects or spaces. At Drake’s 7 Dees, our collaborative spirit is perfectly suited to meet their needs. In fact, we’ve engineered our business, so that a homeowner can walk into our store and find just the help they need.

Our many projects Include

  • Designing and installing residential landscapes
    Including patios, walls, walkways, gardens, ponds, fountains and water features, decks, fences, rain drains, and landscape lighting.
  • Design and construction of outdoor rooms and living spaces
    Including outdoor kitchens, dining areas, fireplaces and fire pits.
  • Designing and installing sport and activity areas
    Including putting greens, pool landscaping, and sport courts.
  • Installation, repair, and maintenance of sprinklers and irrigation systems
    Including system design, backflow testing, winterization and spring-activation.
  • Horticultural care and maintenance
    Including organic amendments, fertilization, pest control, pruning, and seasonal plantings
  • Landscape Construction
    Including bidding and installation of landscape designs created by others.
  • Pet habitats
    Including dog runs and pet-friendly landscapes.
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