At Drake’s 7 Dees, expert horticulturists help our clients to enjoy their gardens and make their landscapes become a meaningful part of their lives. We make caring for and maintaining every detail of your property our business. As a full-service landscape firm, we work with the natural order of the elements as we maintain your garden, allowing you to sit back and enjoy it.


Foundations Maintenance Program
This program is offered on a weekly basis and ensures that the basics of your landscape are tended to:

  • Weekly Lawn Service
  • Weekly Bed Service
  • Seasonal Pruning
  • Seasonal Cleanup

Fine Gardening Program A Drake’s 7 Dees Exclusive
For some clients, routine weekly visits are not enough. In these cases, Drake’s fine gardening team can supplement regular servicing of the property with special services including:

  • Specialized Bed Maintenance
  • Detailed Care for Roses, Perennials, and Vines
  • Craftsman Pruning for Topiaries and Espaliers
  • Annual Flower and Container Care
  • Maintenance of Vegetable and Edible Gardens

"I had some big challenges in my yard that several companies told me 'can't be solved.' I hate that answer. There is always a solution. Drake proposed several." - Jason Lander