Do you have a small garden? Our landscaping experts can create a design plan to maximize the potential of your small garden.

The Design-Build process for small garden design is a unique balance. It’s imaginative planning plus economical construction. Drake’s 7 Dees has a strong team atmosphere built on family. We work collectively toward a common goal and strive for perfection. You will quickly sense the respect and spirit of collaboration that our team shows one another and to you.

After 60 years in business, we’ve learned a thing or two: Everyone has a vision of their perfect yard. And, whether they’ve added it up or not, they all have a budget in mind. Balancing the two requires collaboration. Creative solutions are not etched in stone. And, perfection is never dirt cheap. Fortunately, we offer it by the yard.


  • Complimentary consultation
  • Detailed site analysis
  • Planning questionnaire
  • Conceptual design presentation
  • Final landscaping plan
  • Approved time/cost estimate

*Design fees range from $900 to $5,400 depending upon lot size. Initial consultations and design estimates are free.

"I had some big challenges in my yard that several companies told me 'can't be solved.' I hate that answer. There is always a solution. Drake proposed several." - Jason Lander