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Existing Conditions Plan No matter if it is small or complex, Drake’s goes through a thorough design process for all landscaping and design + build projects. This is the first design Drake’s creates for all clients.  This plan describes what needs to happen to change the garden, including demolition plans. This is a strong communication tool between the client and Drake’s so there are no surprises. It’s also used by our Estimator to very specifically and accurately price the project. Finally, our crew will eventually use this plan so they know exactly what plants to transplant, remove, etc.

Concept Plan After the client fills out a questionnaire about their property and desires, we get to know them, their family, their preferences, and how they will use their outdoor space. We then create the second design in the process, the Concept Plan. Looking at the property from 300 to 400 hundred feet in the air, we use our creativity and experience to show the client our thoughts for how the space should transform, including details like walking patterns, water features and any other elements to meet the client’s needs.

The Planting Plan The icing on the cake as we call it, is the Planting Plan. This is a very detailed process that brings together colors, textures, client preferences, and even sentimental plants that might be transplanted as part of the new design. All of this comes together to create a beautiful, inspiring garden that changes with each season.

With careful planning, Drake’s 7 Dees helped these clients bring their beautiful, ranch-style home on one-acre into the new millennium. It was time for their space to mature, just as their family had. After years of hobby gardening, the family decided to remove their greenhouse and gardening beds, replacing them with a beautiful strolling and cutting garden that would change seasonally. With small children no longer a concern, protective railings around their pool were removed opening the space.  A handmade water feature, with echo chamber below, was designed to create a stunning visual with soothing sounds for family gatherings in the garden.

Listen above as owner of Drake’s 7 Dees, Drake Snodgrass, explains the transformation of this home’s landscape and the process his expert team goes through to help the clients achieve their dream outdoor space.

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