Landscape Design Before & After Photos

Drake’s 7 Dees is proud of the difference our landscape design build work has made in lives of our clients. In many cases, we have transformed outdoor spaces from barely used yards with plain patios, to vibrant extensions of the homes themselves.

Thompson House

Our client wanted a larger patio than the one that came with the house, in addition to a different material than exposed aggregate concrete. They also wanted as much level yard in back as possible for family activities. Originally, the back yard sloped off rather quickly. We selected a terracotta color architectural slab paver for the new larger patio, and a beautiful and colorful wall stone for the retaining wall. The wall created the patio terrace space we needed to enlarge the patio and also provided the opportunity to create the second level lawn terrace

Marshall Park House

This client came to us wanting an outdoor weather protected (covered) living room and dining room for family enjoyment, relaxation and entertaining. We built in light and radiant heat for evening use and a fan to cool a hot summer day. They also wanted to be environmentally responsible so we created a dry creek bed to catch the rain water off the roof, let it slowly cool and be absorbed into the soil rather that run into the city storm drains.

Westwood House

This client’s home is in the Lewis and Clark area of Portland in a hillside sloped lot. They came to us with a desire to create terraces and activity areas like the putting green where family and friends could gather and have fun together. The front yard was cluttered with large overgrown plantings and street appeal had declined over the years so one of our goals was to make the home and landscape more inviting to guests and more attractive to neighbors. An updated more modern yet strongly northwest style was favored.  Now when they are welcoming their friends at the front door the view is calm, peaceful and pleasing. When it’s time to say goodnight, the soft sound of water falling off the rock of the water feature near the front door is the back drop to parting friends.

Oleson House

The client on this project wanted to have a new and special back yard to enjoy. Having recently lost her husband to an illness, she wanted to honor his love of gardening by having a new back yard designed and built. She had a drainage problem that was solved by building two dry stream beds and piping the water away from the house and allowing it to be absorbed into the soil. The dry creek beds were designed and built to mimic a dry creek you might find in the Cascades on a summer hike. Various sizes of native glacier stone and basalt boulders quarried from the Camas area of Washington. We also designed pathways to move through the landscape, so our client could enjoy the garden without getting her shoes wet.