Design Team

Drake Snodgrass

Drake has been the owner of Drake’s 7 Dees Landscaping and Garden Center since 1974. Drake is active in both the local and national landscape industry associations. He is Co-founder and past president of the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association. Drake is a Landscape Industry Certified Manager (LICM). This is a designation that less than two […]

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Steven Kurvers

I am passionate about art, math, and nature. Where those things connect on a human scale is Landscape Architecture. This provides the foundation for my creative process. More simply stated by prominent Landscape architect Ian McHarg, “Design with Nature”.

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Michelle Hundley

I started thinking about studying Architecture because I enjoyed art but wanted to have a tangible career when I was done with school. A family friend offered Landscape Architecture as an alternative, and the thought of working with design but outside made me definitely intrigued. After school, and a few years of struggling in the economy, I moved to Oregon to work in a place where people care about where they live.

Landscape design is a way to help people optimally enjoy their outdoor environments. Using plants, hardscape, and outdoor built elements, can truly transform how a person sees and experiences the outdoors. This has the opportunity to help with relaxation, stress, and family time.

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