Family Matters

We are a family business, here to serve other Portland families.  We believe that what we do for you will enrich your lives, and serve as the backdrop for countless happy memories.  We’re thankful every time a neighbor offers us the chance to serve them, and our entire organization recognizes the trust you bestow on us.

Drake’s 7 Dees in the Beginning

Bob Snodgrass and his wife, Meryle, started 7 Dees in 1956.

During the early 1960’s, Bob decided to expand the business and purchase a second garden center at the Stark Street location. At that time, much of the surrounding area was undeveloped, but Portland was beginning to grow rapidly and it seemed inevitable that a store on the perimeter of the city would eventually thrive.

Bob and Meryle named the business after their seven children – six sons and one daughter, whose names all begin with the letter ‘D’. Hence the name 7 Dees.  To Bob’s delight, all of his children have shared his passion for plants and beautiful landscapes.

Drake continues the legacy…
Bob & Meryle’s son Drake, proved his interest in the business by graduating from Oregon State University with a major in business and a minor in horticulture. In 1974, Drake purchased the Stark Street Garden Center from 7 Dees. Drake’s interest quickly grew into a passion as he devoted himself to the business of caring for customers as well as making gardening a significant and positive part of his family’s life.  Over 30 years have passed since the Stark Steet Garden Center opened and the business has grown significantly.

Langdown Florist Becomes Drake’s 7 Dees
In 2009, Drake’s 7 Dees purchased the Langdown Florist and Greenhouse and created a west side neighborhood location for their growing Landscaping and Garden Center business.


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